Noah Ringer

Noah Ringer at 2010 Kids Choice Awards

Noah Andrew Ringer (born November 18, 1996)[1] is an American teen actor of American Indian heritage[2][3] and a martial arts practitioner. He starred as Aang in the The Last Airbender and played Emmett in Cowboys & Aliens.[4][5][6]

Production notes

Just two years after Noah Ringer (Aang) began studying Taekwondo at the age of 10, he earned his coveted 1st Degree Black Belt in the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). Noah currently holds the title of Texas State Champion in his age group in four different categories: Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, ATA-Extreme Forms, and ATA-Extreme Weapons. Noah produces his own ATA-Extreme routines, choreographing his moves, and choosing his own music.

At the urging of his Taekwondo instructor, Eric Pechacek of the Carrollton ATA Black Belt Academy, Noah answered the casting call by putting together an audition DVD for The Last Airbender filmmakers and mailed it to Paramount. Though he had never acted before, Noah’s natural talent for martial arts and charming personality landed him the leading role of Aang. Fortunately, Noah is no stranger to performing, as he has competed in more than 23 Taekwondo tournaments across the United States. In February 2008, Noah was awarded “The Competitor of the Year” award by the ATA in the Texas region, confirming even more his commitment to excellence in his craft.

Noah had never seen the animated Nickelodeon television series, Avatar, until his Taekwondo instructor lent him the first season on DVD. Noah and his mom got hooked on the series, and one by one, borrowed and watched each DVD of the entire trilogy. When Noah was cast, his instructor bought Noah a present, his own complete set of all the “Avatar” seasons, to take with him on location in Philadelphia and Greenland.

Besides his love for martial arts and teaching Taekwondo, Noah also enjoys tennis, ping-pong, golf, basketball and snow skiing. In his free time, Noah likes to have fun with his friends, and is an avid reader. Thirteen-year-old Noah was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he currently lives with his parents, two Australian Shepherds, and two pet rats.

Up next for Ringer is a role in the sci-fi action western Cowboys & Aliens.


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