Happy Meal toys poster

To promote The Last Airbender, McDonald's distributed 12 toys as part of the Happy Meal program, 8 for boy rotation and 4 for girl rotation. Each toy comes with its own character card. The program dates for the promotion is from June 25th to July 22nd, 2010.

Toys for Boys

Aang with Glider

Aang with GliderAir Nomad Aang card (front)

Appa and Momo Launcher

Appa and Momo LauncherAir Nomad Appa card (front)

Sokka Figure

Sokka FigureWater Tribe Sokka card (front)

Aang Water Cannon

Aang Water CannonWater Tribe Waterbending card (front)

Aang Figure

Aang FigureEarth Kingdom Aang card (front)

Slithering Spirit Dragon

Slithering Spirit DragonEarth Kingdom Katara card (front)

Zuko's Fire Wheel

Zuko's Fire WheelFire Nation Zuko card (front)

Komodo Rhino Launcher

Komodo Rhino LauncherFire Nation Banished card (front)

Toys for Girls


MomoAir Nomad Avatar card (front)

Katara Figure and Bracelet

Katara Figure and BraceletWater Tribe Katara card (front)

Katara Fan

Katara FanEarth Kingdom Kyoshi Warriors card (front)

Fire Nation Ribbon Baton

Fire Nation Ribbon BatonFire Nation Aang card (front)